Blatche: We want to leave with a win

Andray Blatche (PHI). Philippines vs Puerto Rico, 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup, Seville (Spain), Day 5, Group phase

SEVILLA (FIBA Basketball World Cup) - Andray Blatche loves to joke around - both on and off the court. But four straight losses at the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup and the elimination of the Philippines with one game to go has had the first-time international frustrated after games. 

FIBA.com caught up with the Philippines big man.

FIBA.com: Philippines have lost their four games by a combined 23 points. How much does this hurt?
Blatche: We keep getting ourselves in position to win and we can taste it. We just haven't gotten it yet. They're pretty painful. But we keep fighting. It hurts. We come into the fourth quarter expecting a win.

FIBA.com: The team is eliminated, what do you want to do in the final game against Senegal?
Blatche: We have one more. Hopefully we can leave with a win instead of just falling short again.

FIBA.com: What's it been like playing for Philippines? What's the nicest thing?
Blatche: It feels like a blessing. Everything is great. From the supporters back in Philippines to the coaches to my teammates. It's been a great experience for me. The guys have been great. They've been helping me along, making this as easy an adjustment as possible. I'm just very thankful.

FIBA.com: What's the hardest part of the adjustment?
Blatche: The rules, and being away so long from family.

FIBA.com: This is the first time you are playing internationally. What does it mean to play at the World Cup?
Blatche: To be here period means a lot. For them to have that much faith in me and belief that I could come and make a difference for this team means a lot and that's why for the last 30 days I really took it in and worked hard, staying focused and staying humble and doing extra work. I have a lot on my shoulders to contribute.