Who can become a WABC member?

To become a WABC member, a coach must first be included in the list of coaches holding the highest grading by his/her National Federation (National Federation of the country he/she is a legal citizen).

WABC member may not hold a players agents’ license issued by FIBA or another organization.

How to become a WABC member?

A coach who wants to become a WABC member must firstly contact his/her National Federation. If he/she meets all the requirements of his/her National Federation, the National Federation shall submit to FIBA all required documents and information in accordance with the FIBA Internal regulations – Book 3.

An administrative fee will have to be paid by the National Federation as stipulated in the FIBA Internal regulations - Book 3, for each new WABC member from the National Federation.

WABC may reject an application if the coach is not in good standing, in particular if he has a criminal record, or if he does not have a good reputation.