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Philippines vs Jordan
Rasheim WRIGHT (Jordan). Third day of the preliminary round of the 2007 FIBA Asia Championhip, Tokushima, Japan. 30 July 2007.
30/07/2007JOR/PHI - Jordan reign where Philippines falter

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TOKUSHIMA (FIBA Asia Championship) - Jordan adapted the wait-and-watch policy to almost perfection as they outthought, outwitted and eventually outscored a charged up, but error-prone, Philippines 84-76 in the make-or-break Group 'A' encounter on Monday.

"I think we defended rather well in the third and final quarter," said Jordan coach Mario Palma.

"Also I think we were helped by some of their wayward shooting. I was a little shocked to see those shots, but I'm not complaining," the Portuguese added.

Philippines began rather confidently, with the speedy Mark Anthony Caguioa and the tall Pauliasi Taulava controlling the proceedings. The scoreboard was ticking at regular intervals, the defense seemed to hold itself and much to the joy of their fans Philippines seemed to be on a roll.

All that changed like the clichéd bolt from the blue, as Jordan, slowly but surely took charge. Rasheim Wright, who had been pushed into the oblivion by the Filipino rampage, started to call the shots. Sam Daghles and Zaid Alkhas moved, and succeeded, with customary cohesion and Jordan were truly back, and in style.

Where Jordan kept improving, Philippines' graph went on a nose-dive. A couple of fortuituous long rangers - some of them by Jim Alapag from almost near the center-line raised Philippines' hopes, but by then Jordan had wrapped the game under their control.

"I think we lost it when we went ahead 18-13 at the end of the first quarter. Better off to trail and bounce back than go ahead and get complacent," said Philippines coach Vincent 'Chot' Reyes.

Jordan 84 (Rasheim Wright 24, Sam Daghles 22, Zaid Alkhas 16) bt Philippines 76 (Pauliasi Talava 14, Jim Alapag 10). Quarterwise: 13-18, 35-33, 54-51.

S Mageshwaran