Competition format
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Competition format

Competition format

With participation from ten (10) teams and completely in accordance with the current FIBA Game Rules, the tournament shall be disputed in three phases. In the first and second phase, if there is a draw on points in the same position, the established system shall also be used by FIBA. The teams are divided in two groups of five (5).

First Phase (22 to 26 August 2007)

Second Phase (27 to 30 August 2007)
Before the beginning of the second phase, the local team (i.e. USA) will again have the right to select the order of game days for the second phase. After the second phase all eight teams are ranked in one group and the top four teams Qualify for the semi-finals.

Semi Finals (01 September 2007)


As for the second phase the order of the semi-finals may be changed according to the commitments of the organizers and the National Television and of FIBA AMERICAS with the respective rights of International Television.

Similarly, the host country has the right to elect with whom to play the first and last match of each phase and the schedule that it will be played from the start of the Championship till the Semi- finals.For the Final day the game for the gold medal must be the last match of the Championship.


The first two (2) teams in the final places shall automatically qualify for the 2008 Olympic Games that will be held in Beijing. The teams that arrive between the third and fifth position will have another option to qualify for the Olympiad, by playing in the World Olympic Qualifying tournament to be held a month before the Olympic Games.