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2007 FIBA Americas Championship, Las Vegas, USA
29/08/2007ARG – “One on one” with Luis Scola

LAS VEGAS (FIBA Americas Championship 2007) - Luis Scola means Argentina. After 8 years playing for the “Albiceleste” (sky blue), where he began as a 19-years teenager, and where he’s now one of the main figures of the team, averaging for 17 points and 7.3 rebounds.

Canada didn’t have a main guy to guard. What was your main strategy?

If we do things the way we want, it will be all right for us. We were focused on playing good defense and to be intelligent on our attack. We were lucky enough to scored from the start of the game, and that made thing easier for us. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens if those shots don’t go in.

Today you had the opportunity of using almost every player in the rotation. Is that an advantage when you play Brazil?

It’s good to be able to rest, but I don’t know how that’s going to affect us at the end.

Canada came back in the second half.

Yes, they did and we didn’t want to lose our advantage to less than 15 points. It was a good experience considering what’s coming. At the same time, the only thing that matters is that we are in the semi-finals. That’s not bad.

Are you tired?

Yes of course, but everybody is tired also. There’s no advantage in that.

This was an important game for them to show their strength as a team, and the result did show, at least in the first half.

Yes, it was like a final for us. We already achieved our main goal, which was to finish the first round within the first five. Now we accomplished the second one, which was to finish within the last three. This is very important. Anyway, what matters here is if you win, or loose, the Finals.

How are you going to face the up-coming games, in which the result isn’t that important?

The same as with the others games. Every game is important; we will try to win, as we always do.

Fabian Garcia
FIBA Americas

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