Player Profile & Statistics
Yue Sun
Yue SUN (China)
DOB: 11/6/1985
Place of birth: - (China)
Height: 206cm/6'9"
Weight: -
Position: Guard
Main statistics
Points per game 1.3
Rebounds per game 1.2
Assists per game 2
 Player Profile
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Career: Aoshen (China-CBA, 2003-04), Aoshen (USA-ABA, 2005-06).

Sun Yue is the most promising player of Chinese basketball. At nearly 21, this 2.06 meter-tall point guard has already attracted comparisons with Magic Johnson. His size allows him to have great court vision, and his ball-handling and passing skills are impressive. He is also a decent defender. He needs to improve his shooting and must get quicker. But if he continues to develop his game, he will be in the NBA in the near future.

Sun Yue is playing for the Beijing Aoshen Olympian. In 2004, his team refused to let him join the Under-21 Chinese National Team and was expelled from the CBA. This season, the Beijing Aoshen Olympian joined the ABA, a minor league in the United States. Sun Yue joined the National Team for the first time this summer, and he may be one of the team's key players for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

 Competition   PPG   RPG   APG 
 FIBA Asia Championship for Men 2013  2.6  2.2   2.8 
 Olympic Men 2012  2.7  1   1.3 
 FIBA Asia Championship 2011  9.1  4.9   2.3 
 London Invitational Tournament 2011  5.8  2   2 
 FIBA World Championship 2010  11.8  2.8   2.5 
 FIBA Asia Championship for Men 2009  6  2.8   1.7 
 FIBA Diamond Ball Tournament for Men 2008  4  2.3   0.7 
 Olympic Games: Tournament Men 2008  6.8  1.7   2.5 
 Stankovic Continental Champions Cup 2006  2.7  2.7   2.3 
 FIBA World Championship 2006  1.3  1.2   2 
 Stankovic Continental Champions Cup 2005  4.5  2.3   1 
 FIBA Asia Championship for Men 2005  6  0   0