Player Profile & Statistics
Fatih Solak
Fatih SOLAK (Turkey)
DOB: 7/25/1980
Place of birth: Kayseri (Turkey)
Height: 213cm/7'0"
Weight: 125kg/276lbs
Position: Center
Main statistics
Points per game 1.9
Rebounds per game 2.9
Assists per game 0.3
 Player Profile
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Career: Kayseri Meysu (Turkey-Div. 1, 1997-98), Ülker (Turkey-Div. 1, 1998-2001), Besiktas (Turkey-Div. 1 2001-2002), Ülker (Turkey-Div. 1 2002-2005), Galatasaray (Turkey-Div. 1 2005-…).

Fatih Solak blocks shots. He blocks a lot of them. He blocks almost anybody's shots. He is so tall and has such an enormous wingspan it seems he can block anything. That's why people call him "Dikembe Mutombo". His timing and long arms also make him a good offensive rebounder.

He only began playing organized basketball at 17, he is still learning the fundamentals. Also his love affair with blocks sometimes leaves him exposed on defense and makes him foul prone. His offense is limited to dunks and put-backs. This season Ülker loaned him to Galatasaray and his improved minutes did great for his overall game. He has taken huge steps forward but needs some more to make a noise at this level.

 Competition   PPG   RPG   APG 
 EuroChallenge 2012  0  0   0 
 EuroChallenge 2011  1.7  2   0 
 EuroBasket 2009  3.3  2.8   0 
 FIBA World Championship 2006  1.9  2.9   0.3 
 EuroBasket 2005  3.6  3.6   0.1 
 European Championship for Men 2003  5  1   0 
 Korac Cup 2002  6.6  7.1   0.4 
 European Championship for Young Men 2000  6.1  4.3   0.3