Player Profile & Statistics
Berni Rodríguez
Berni RODRÍGUEZ (Spain)
DOB: 07.06.1980
Place of birth: Malaga (Spain)
Height: 197cm/6'6"
Weight: 93kg/205lbs
Position: Shooting Guard
Main statistics
Points per game 3.7
Rebounds per game 1.6
Assists per game 1
 Player Profile
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Career: Málaga (Spain-ACB, 1997-2006).

"Berni selección" (Berni to the National Team) has been one of the most popular chants in Málaga this season. The fans love their long time captain, the soul of one of the top teams in Europe right now, and claim he should be at Japan. Rodríguez had a high-level performance in the ACB and the Euroleague this season, in his best year so far.

Berni is labelled as a shooting guard but posses a playmaker's brain. His best skill is how he understands the game, always making the right decisions. A great passer and game reader, he is also a team player who doesn't shoot a lot but plays hard in defence, matching up with both guard positions and the small forward spot. It doesn't matter, he is always ready to become the nightmare for the opposing team's star.

 Competition   PPG   RPG   APG 
 Olympic Games: Tournament Men 2008  3  1.4   0.9 
 EuroBasket 2007  3.7  1.4   1 
 FIBA World Championship 2006  3.7  1.6   1 
 European Championship for Men 2003  4  1.3   1.5 
 Korac Cup 2001  8.2  2.6   2.6 
 World Championship for Young Men 2001  7.7  2.6   3.3 
 Korac Cup 2000  0  0.3   1.3 
 European Championship for Young Men 2000  7  1.6   1.9 
 World Championship for Junior Men 1999  5.1  1.1   1 
 European Championship for Junior Men 1998  8  1.3   1.5