Player Profile & Statistics
Matteo Soragna
Matteo SORAGNA (Italy)
DOB: 12/26/1975
Place of birth: Mantova (Italy)
Height: 197cm/6'6"
Weight: 98kg/216lbs
Position: Guard/Forward
Main statistics
Points per game 10.3
Rebounds per game 1.8
Assists per game 2.7
 Player Profile
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Career: Cremona (Italy-Serie B, 1993-96), Pistoia (Italy-Lega, 1996-97), Barcellona (Italy-Serie B, 1997-99), Barcellona (Italy-Legadue, 1999-2000), Biella (Italy-Legadue, 2000-01), Biella (Italy-Lega, 2001-04), Treviso (Italy-Lega, 2004-06).

Matteo Soragna's presence in Italy's final roster were doubtful after suffering a finger injury during the Lega playoffs which needed surgery to repair a bone fracture on his hand. His absence would have been a misfortune for coach Recalcati, who with Soragna has one of the best defenders against dangerous shooting guards or small forwards. More than that, Matteo has improved as an outside shooter, working mainly from the corner positions.

Like Bulleri, Soragna is a typical late bloomer who made his debut with the national team at the age of 28. He's the kind of player all coaches love because of his attitude and hard work. He doesn't say a lot on the court but does all the right things.

 Competition   PPG   RPG   APG 
 EuroBasket 2009  7.8  2.6   0.8 
 EuroBasket 2007  6.5  2   1.7 
 FIBA World Championship 2006  10.3  1.8   2.7 
 EuroBasket 2005  5  1.3   2.3 
 Olympic Games: Tournament for Men 2004  5.3  2.9   1.1 
 European Championship for Men 2003  5.7  1.3   0.9 
 European Championship for Men '22 and Under' 1996  2.6  1.2   0.4