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"I thought I was going to suffer more sitting out, but I was so happy to see my team play."
Pau Gasol of Spain shares his feelings

"When we beat Argentina it was mixture for me of pain and happiness and today was just happiness for me"
Tonight was pure fun for Gasol despite not playing

"It's hard to describe with words, because you're so happy and proud of urself."
Gasol is trying to find the words to describe his feeling

"We're a great team with and without me."
Gasol says what everyone saw today

"We try to build this team, trying to show that everyone is important."
Pepu Hernandez of Spain about the success of his team

"Basketball is a game about passion, emotions, feelings and team."
Hernandez says it all

"All tournament we showed everybody we are a team with a lot of passion, and today we didn't have that passion."
Greece's Panagiotis Yannakis tells what went different tonight

"We made many easy mistakes. In the first three knock-out games, we didn't have so many easy mistakes as tonight."
Yannakis knows where his team went wrong

"Tonight we didn't have the passion to come back."
And yet another difference from Yannakis

"If I was told two-three months ago that we'll win the silver I would have been very happy."
Theodoros Papaloukas of Greece is looking at the full half of the cup

"Back in Greece most of the people are celebrating in the streets for the silver medal."
Papaloukas is sure the loss didn't kill the spirit back home

"It's the first World Championship for me. I had a great time and I hope Greece will be here again and maybe win the gold medal next time."
Papaloukas is already looking ahead for Turkey 2010
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