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Jianghua CHEN (CHN)
2006 Basketball Challenge, Guangzhou, China
09/08/2006USA - Wade, James and Coach K salute young Chen

GHANGZHOU (FIBA World Championship) - The way Team USA stars Dwyane Wade and LeBron James beamed about Chen Jianghua, you’d think China had won Monday's friendly between the two sides or at least lost a close game.

Indeed, after the Americans’ 119-73 victory, the 17-year-old point guard walked off the court with many admirers.

"The point guard is pretty good," said Wade.

"He ran the team pretty good and did a good job getting to the basket and a good job of finishing.

"He's a tough player and like I said, they're a tough team."

James was enamoured.

"The guy can fly," said James. "I was impressed with his speed and dribbling."

Chen played just 16 minutes but had six points, three assists and two steals.

USA coach Mike Krzyzewski was so impressed, he cracked that Chen could be in his his college team, the Duke Blue Devils.

"What are his grades like?" Krzyzewski asked, when asked what he thought of teen.

"I wouldn’t mind having him at Duke."

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