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Spanish team celebrating their gold medal title after winning the 2006 FIBA World Championship over Greece. 03.09.06. Photo Credits: Castoria / Ciamillo.
USA team after winning the 3rd place game against Argentina. 2006 FIBA World Championship, Saitama, Japan. Photo of the day: 02.09.2006. Photo credits: Castoria / Ciamillo.
Classication game (5-8) of the 2006 FIBA World Championship. France vs Germany. (31.08.2006). Photo credits: Castoria / Ciamillio.
2006 FIBA World Championship 1/8 Finals. Spain vs Serbia & Montenegro. Photo of the day: 26.08.2006
Shipeng WANG (CHN)
Victory shot for China against Slovenia on last day of the preliminary round of the 2006 FIBA World Championship.
Turkish delight continues as they win against Brazi in day 3 of the FIBA World Championship.
Japan coach Zeljko_PAVLICEVIC releasing his join after Japan get its first win on day 3 of the FIBA World Championship 2006 vs Panaman. Photo of the day: 21.08.2006
French point guard Tony Parker's girl friend Eva Longoria during the game between France and Argentina. Day 1 of the FIBA World Championship. Photo of the Day: 19.08.06
YAO Ming (CHN)
Yao Ming facing a group of journalist from China and Japan after end of Chinese squad practice on 18.08.06. Photo credits: G. Camilio. Photo of the day: 18.08.06.
Anderson VAREJAO (BRA)
2002 FIBA World Championship, Indianapolis. Photo of the day: 17.08.2006
HAMMANM Omer Ismail
Qatar's Hammam Omer Ismail (R) attempts to shoot past Jordan's Fadel Al-Najar. Photo of the day: 15.08.2006
Boris DIAW (FRA)
Eurobasket 2005, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro. Photo of the day: 14.08.06
2004 Athens Olympic Games. Photo of the day: 10.08.06
Oginudire KINGSLEY (NGR)
FIBA Africa Championship 2005, Algier, Algeria. Photo of the day: 09.08.06
2004 Athens Olympic Games. Carlos Arroyo after Puerto Rico's victory over USA. Photo of the day: 08.08.2006
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