FIBA World Championship Official Mascot
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FIBA World Championship Official Mascot

A mischievous penguin character who hates to lose, has been appointed the official event mascot of the FIBA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2006. BAD BADTZ-MARU and his friends will promote basketball's fascination and bring much excitement to the event.

*BAD BADTZ-MARU has become the official event mascot through an agreement between FIBA and Sanrio Co.,Ltd. & Sanrio Far East Company,Ltd.



Born in Oahu Island, Hawaii on April Fool's day (April 1st).
His character is stubborn, tuff exterior but soft interior.
He loves to be tricky, but behaves before his mother.
His nature is good, funky, naughty but he's too shy to express himself directly.
He always wants to hang out with his friends, but always ends up playing tricks on them or pretending to be mad just to get their attention.
His friends say "BADTZ-MARU, you are impossible!" but everybody likes him a lot.
It's easy for him to convince himself of his own abilities, and to believe
"Dreams come true." There's nothing he loves more than hearing "Hey, you are great!" or "You are the No.1!!"
He loves to collect villain star's photographes.
His favorite food is Sushi.
His future dream is to own a professional basketball team.

BADTZ-MARU loves to play basketball, but his rival and friend, Pandaba, who is much taller than him, always beats him. He never gives up though, and is always thinking of ways to get better.

He spends all his time studying games of the FIBA World Championship, and trains hard in secret.

He eventually became a big fan of basketball, and his innocence gave him big dreams of "I'm gonna be a world famous basketball player! People are gonna talk about my beautiful dunk!"

Did you know that penguins have amazing jumping power? Well, I'm not sure about that,but...

Eventually after not too much time, BADTZ-MARU's unending efforts resulted in a splendid performance just like the professionals. And now again, a game with Pandaba!

The winner is BADTZ-MARU!!

Our beloved BADTZ-MARU shouted to his teammates, "Now, we're gonna play at the FIBA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2006!!" 



BAD BADTZ-MARU's sister. Birthday: April 2nd
Cheerleader of the TEAM BAD BADTZ-MARU.
Her hobby is to play tricks and to keep a diary.
She is good at classic ballet, and tends to pose in ballet positions while talking.
Her favorite food is strawberry shortcake.
The future dream is to be an idol singer while being a primadonna.
BADTZ-MARU doesn't know how to deal with her way of making a mess wherever she goes. She speaks with a slight accent as she's just arrived in Japan recently.
She sticks to a nice-looking guy with the tenacity of a snapping turtle if she sees one.


Birthday: August 7th, born in London.
He is smily good boy who can make friends with anyone.
His hobby is reading and gardening.
He speaks very little, only in onomatopoeia,
such as "Kyuuuuu....", "Kyu-Kyu..."
His speciality is a pass play from very low position.


She can be easily flattered, and mean as a snake.
She eats quick, a lot.
She loves rap music.
She puts "daba" at the end of her phrase.
PANDABA keeps a guard position.

 MAMA (BADTZ-MARU and TSUNKO's mother)

Hyper-obsessed with her childrens' education.
Loves aerobics exercise. Sometimes she forces PAPA, BADTZ-MARU and their pet to practice aerobics together.
Bossy MAMA keeps the team on its toes in her position as point guard, as she yells out orders!!

 PAPA (BADTZ-MARU and TSUNKO's father)

He runs a Pachinko shop.
MAMA is stronger in the couple's relationship, though
PAPA himself thinks that he wears the pants in the family.
PAPA is a committed team member, but always has to resign himself to the bench soon after the game starts.
Luckily for him, TSUNKO is always more than ready to get out on the court.