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CHN – Yao goes to class

SHANGHAI - There aren't many university students around the world that give press conferences.

Then again, there aren't many 31-year-old former NBA All-Star centers pursuing degrees like Yao Ming.

Yao, the country’s most popular sportsman who decided to retire from basketball due to injuries in July, has enrolled at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and will study in the Antai College of Economics & Management.

The ex-Houston Rocket spoke to the media on Monday.

"I chose Jiao Tong University instead of private tutors because I want to feel the atmosphere on campus,” he said.

Yao, who is taking one-on-one classes so he doesn't become a distraction to other students, added to the People’s Daily Online: "I feel good today, but a little bit tired since I have not been in class for over 10 years.

"I am rusty. Nevertheless, I will try hard to grasp this learning opportunity."

China missed their star center this year at the FIBA Asia Championship but nevertheless won the gold medal and qualified for the London Games.


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