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FIBA Competition Director
LBA - Libya is back strong on international stage
TRIPOLI (referee) - The Basketball Federation of Libya, which is affiliated to FIBA since 1961 and was a traditional powerhouse in the North African region, is back on the international basketball stage again. In the past years, the federation was not very active, but has recently started a couple of important activities to improve the level of the game in the country and on the continent.
This week FIBA Sports Director Mr. Lubomir Kotleba (pictured), assisted by Mr. Boujemaa Jdaini, President of the Technical Commission of FIBA Africa, visited the country for a FIBA Africa referees clinic. The Clinic was held on 20th - 24th March 2005 in Tripoli, Libya with the participation of 46 Referees and Referee Candidates from Algeria, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Sudan and Tunis.  73 local observers, players, coaches and teams officials were also present.
The two FIBA experts used the clinic to explain the latest changes in the basketball rules, the mechanics of basketball officiating as well as the topics like psychology of officiating, handling difficult game situations and cooperation with players and coaches. The clinic was concluded with a written test of basketball rules, a physical fitness test and the test of practical officiating for the Referee Candidates.
At the closing ceremony, at which the representatives of the Ministry for Sport and the National Olympic Committee took part, the President of the Libyan Basketball Federation (LBF), Mr. Omar T. El Brshushi said "We all around Libyan Basketball are honoured to be the host of one of the FIBA Africa Clinic for Referees in 2005. We are working very hard in improving the standard of our basketball. The organisation of such clinic will certainly lead us towards better officiating".
Mr. Abdulrahman N. Saddigh, Secretary General of LBF has big ambitions for hosting international events: "We have now completed in Tripoli two new sports halls which meet international requirements and we are ready to host the top African and even World competitions".
In order to enhance the youth programs in the country, LBF will host an international U21 tournament on 12th April 2005 in Tripoli with the participation of the national teams from Italy, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.
For the men’s senior national team, the Libyan federation has signed Mr. Srdjan Antic, a coach from Serbia & Montenegro. Wit him LBF hopes to have an impact at the upcoming FIBA Africa Championship, to be played on 15th – 24th August in Algeria.
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