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13. Renaldo Miguel BALKMAN (Puerto Rico)
Turkey - Puerto Rico. Day 5 of the 2010 FIBA World Championship in Ankara, Turkey. 1 September 2010. Preliminary round
PUR - Passports found

FOZ DE IGUAZU (Tuto Marchand Cup) The four Puerto Ricans players finally found their lost passports and visa and will be able to join their teammates for the Tuto Marchand Cup.

Daniel Santiago, Andrés Rodríguez, Renaldo Balkman and John Holland will arrive in Brazil on Thursday and could be able to play on Friday's game against the host team. Assistant coach Carlos Morales and team's doctor Luis Molinary will also travel with the four.

The passports were found in an office of the Brazilian Embassy in Miami.
Federation President Carlos Beltrán finally convinced the Embassy's employers to have a second look.

"It was a terrible time," said Beltrán. "I asked them to double check because we were told in the mail the parcel was never sent to Puerto Rico."
The four players kept practicing in the island under assistant coach Morales orders.

"It was a good practice even if we didn't have any baskets due to electrical problems provoked by the Irene storm," explained Morales.
The Tuto Marchand Cup tips off on Wednesday night with two matches and will continue until Friday.

Puerto Rico will face Dominican Republic after Brazil opens the tournament against Canada.


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