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Basketball for young players

Go Multimedia!

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FIBA and Sideline Sports have partnered to develop a multimedia version of the book that includes the full text and where all drills are animated and demonstrated on video. Unlimited and free access to everyone.



FIBA believes that a book is a powerful working tool for any basketball coach and this publication covers all working techniques for beginners (mini-basketball) through juniors (18 years old).

"Basketball for Young Players" stresses that coaches who work with young players cannot coach the same way as coaches working with professionals; they need to develop their own working style, which takes into account the athletic and personal development of players.

It is not a handbook that attempts to cover every aspect of basketball, but rather a volume intended for coaches who are already certified, and who therefore have a technical understanding of the sport.

The book was written with the help of several experts with various professional backgrounds, including psychology, sports psychology, physical education and law. All have extensive experience working as basketball coaches of young players.

The book can be downloaded for free. It is available in the following languages: