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Olympic Solidarity

Throughout the years, FIBA and its National Federations are some of the biggest beneficiaries of the numerous useful possibilities offered by the International Olympic Committee through their Olympic Solidarity programmes.

These programmes have already produced excellent results for FIBA and its affiliates. Much more will be achieved by maintaining constant communication with Olympic Solidarity and informing the National Basketball Federation so they will be aware of and understand the possibilities of the various programmes.

Basketball is a meticulous, precise sports activity, and it's not easy to master. Attention to details is important, if not crucial.

Large responsibilities lie ahead for the National Federations, which must establish and maintain good relations with their National Olympic Committees in order to have access to all Olympic Solidarity programmes.

This helps them in funding National Team programmes, talent identification camps, coaches' clinics, coaches' education, administrative seminars and overall development of basketball of their country.

Through the Olympic Solidarity programmes, resources are made available to elevate the sport of basketball.

Olympic Solidarity programmes are excellent opportunities given to FIBA and its affiliates to help in achieving a sustainable basketball management model that would raise the National Federations technical training level, performance and participation at international competitions.