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Indian Basketball
FIBA Level 1 Coaching Certification Programme in India

CHENNAI- The Basketball Federation of India are continuing to raise the standard of coaching across the nation with the help of FIBA Instructor Nelson Isley and Indian women’s national team coach Francisco Garcia.

Isley, who has been an instructor with FIBA since 2000 and has over four decades of coaching experience in addition to building national development programmes around the globe, has been conducting a FIBA Level 1 Coaching Certification Programme.

Meanwhile Garcia, who took the senior women's team to a historic fifth place finish at the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship for Women as well as mentoring the youth women's teams, has been overseeing the implementation of the Basketball Federation of India's Coaching Certification Programme.

Both programmes are very much focused on enriching the knowledge of Indian coaches in teaching the fundamentals to young players. The courses have also been been aimed primarily at recently or soon to be retired ex-players, as well as young, up and coming school and college coaches.

Chennai was the fourth leg of an intense schedule, which had already witnessed an overwhelming response from coaches for the first three which took place in Mumbai, Delhi and Ranchi.

"I am happy to be back in India and the response of the coaches has been great," said Isley.

"They have shown lot of interest and are willing to learning new basketball coaching techniques.

"Both FIBA and the Basketball Federation of India are currently in discussion to jointly hold more Level I Coaching Certification Courses in the near future."

The Basketball Federation of India and FIBA are also using the courses to try and encourage more women to take up basketball coaching in the country.