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One Game, One Globe, One Goal

The XVIII World Congress in Japan gave those present a glimpse of FIBA’s vision and mission as we try to make basketball more challenging, exciting and fascinating for everyone.

The cycle that is just ending has seen FIBA and basketball taking a big step further forward in the world, assessing our status as a major and global sport.

During the next 4 years we will continue to strive for improvements in how we present basketball and FIBA to the world. We will therefore invest more and more in the promotion of our competitions and of our brand, strengthening the assets we have created with hard work over the past years. This will ensure better organized events whilst enhancing the visibility and the exposure by appropriate and cost-efficient promotional tools and strategies.

In striving for a continuous and harmonious growth worldwide, we would like to see both African and Asian teams competing with more success over the next cycle and we shall therefore encourage and assist FIBA Africa and FIBA Asia in their efforts to achieve better results and greater development.

We need to strengthen the processes that bring us the necessary resources to accomplish these and other objectives, which will be laid down in an up-dated version of the FIBA and FIBA Zones scorecards presented to the Congress in Tokyo in the “Assist 21” magazine.

One of the biggest challenges for the future will be to keep the family united and to ensure a good working relationship among the leagues, clubs and National Federations as well as with all of basketball’s stakeholders within our pyramidal system.

FIBA and basketball are still growing. Patience and perseverance are key ingredients to this growth and we understand that challenges and obstacles but also opportunities lie ahead of us on our way towards 2010.

Basketball is a team sport and as such, through a strong spirit of partnership between team-mates - namely National Federations, Zones, Officials, Clubs, Leagues, Volunteers, Sponsors, Partners, and friends in general - FIBA can pave the way towards a strong and sustainable journey in the future.

We look forward to seeing further milestones accomplished over the next four years and will welcome you to the XIX World Congress in Turkey in 2010.

One Game, One Globe, One Goal
We are Basketball

Patrick Baumann
FIBA Secretary General