Federation Profile
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D.P.R.of Korea (PRK)
Amateur Basketball Association of DPR of Korea

Contact Details:
Amateur Basketball Association of DPR of Korea
Kumsongdong 2, Kwangbok Street, Mangyongdae District, P.O. Box 56,  Pyongyang
P.O. Box 56, Pyongyang
Tel. 1: +850 (2) 18111
Tel. 2: +850 (2) 18164
Fax.: +850 (2) 3814403
E-mail: noc-kp@co.chesin.com; prk@star-co.net.kp

Mr.  Nam Sun, Paek

Secretary General
Mr.  Pak, Chong Jong

Press Contact
Mr.  Yun , Yong Ro

Quick Facts *
40 Registered Clubs
450 Licensed Female Players
720 Licensed Male Players
3960 Unlicensed Players
Date of Affiliation to FIBA: 1947
Rank on FIBA Ranking: 83

*Information last updated in season 2011/12.
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