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  FIBA Sport & Development department


FIBA Sport & Development department
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The Sport of basketball is the core element of FIBA’s Sport & Development department.

Basketball is one of the privileged sports that offer quality performances and competitions for both men and women in all categories. Sport has always been at the forefront of social changes. Human capacity development is a fundamental building block of any stable society. Education and training is required to enable full participation in communities and achieve global development. Basketball is an efficient vehicle in this direction. All these elements lead us to deal with all the different aspects of the sport of basketball today. This means that we need to have the best approach to be good at managing all the technical facets of basketball, to be good in the social and community aspects in addition to the efficient running of the day-to-day business operation of the sport.

FIBA’s Sport & Development department has the primary role to encourage the development of basketball at all levels throughout the world. A key element of our activities is to instill an elevated consciousness toward implementing the principles of management seeking to achieve the organized development of the sport of basketball based on planning and administration efficiency. This is achieved with better management and administration of basketball throughout the zones, the National Federations and further strengthening of the bond and the sense of belonging to the FIBA structure with all zones and affiliates.

Our department is here to establish a framework where it can intervene efficiently to limit abuses and to maintain a clean game spirit. This is implemented and established through our Medical and Anti-Doping office, whose actions can only put forward the sport of basketball.

All these different elements are part of the solid and long term development of basketball.

Basketball is unique: Fast and precise, mind and body, a sport in which the individual is as powerful as the team. National Federations, Basketball without Borders, Olympic Solidarity programmes, Coaching, and Players Agents…these are the "starting five’" of our different projects, which take place around the world. The Anti-Dping project is a further component to protect players from harm and ensure a fair sport spirit. 

  • National Federations
    The National Federations Manual, produced by FIBA, in collaboration with various basketball experts from around the world, is a complete and comprehensive collection of information to assist each National Federation in their everyday operations and for the overall future of basketball in each country.
  • Basketball without Borders
    Inaugurated in 2001, the idea of the first ‘’Basketball without Borders’’ (BWB) camp was to use the sport of basketball as a common language for global peace, friendship and sportsmanship
  • Olympic Solidarity
    Throughout the years, FIBA and its National Federations are some of the biggest beneficiaries of the numerous useful possibilities offered by the International Olympic Committee through their Olympic Solidarity programmes.
  • Coaching
    The philosophy of the team is initiated, implemented and determined by coaches. The educational background and the quality of the personality of the coach should be a salient determinant of the level of achievement of the team.
  • Player agent
    Since 1st Sept 2006 the FIBA Internal Regulations integrated the Player Agents aiming to ensure a high standard in their worldwide activities. By only allowing the increasing number of FIBA Certified Agents to deal with international transfers of players FIBA will manage to regulate the whole market and make it more transparent. Monitoring the business will definitely benefit everyone involved. In addition FIBA Certified Agents are entitled to use the FIBA Arbitral Tribunal (BAT) that can be used for the resolution of conflicts and will help players, coaches and clubs to resolve any monetary disputes.
  • Anti-Doping
    The Anti-Doping programme of FIBA which has constantly grown since it was introduced at FIBA in 1989 consists of various areas such as doping controls and education. In preparation for doping controls, the collection of whereabouts information on athletes and approval of therapeutic use exemptions to players where necessary are required. All the necessary procedures are stipulated in the FIBA Internal Regulations governing Doping Control and are in compliance with the Anti-Doping Code of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The education is another important part of the programme of FIBA primarily to ensure in an efficient manner prevention of doping in sport, in particular with young players.

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