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  FIBA Communications department


FIBA Communications department
Route Suisse 5
1295 Mies - Switzerland
Tel: +41 (0)22 545 00 00
Fax: +41 (0)22 545 00 99


The FIBA Communications Department provides information to anyone interested in basketball and in the activities of the International Basketball Federation.

This includes the professional basketball experts such as the FIBA membership as well as the mass media and anybody else who is actively involved in the business. But furthermore, it reaches out to the big fan base of basketball.

Especially with, we would like to cover the complete basketball world, from national leagues in all five continents to top FIBA competitions such as the FIBA World Championships and the Olympic Basketball tournaments.

Our mission is to become the No 1 basketball portal in the world, a place where you can find everything about the sport. Our portfolio includes event websites from FIBA competitions and FIBA Zone competitions, but also other specific FIBA satellite sites such as the FIBA Hall of Fame website, FIBA Archives, and FIBA Coaching Library.

Although we have our traffic peaks during our events, the goal of is to report on basketball activities from all around the world in a year-around basis.

For further information about FIBA and FIBA Championships visit and or

The Department also oversees the production and editing of all FIBA publications such as the FIBA Assist magazine and all other print material. Special editions such as the "The Year of Basketball" trilogy in 2006 and the “Beijing Basketball Celebration” brochure are produced in-house.

At FIBA events, we assist the Local Organizing Committees in all operational aspects and we make sure that the press services are dealt witch according to FIBA standards.

We work hand in hand with the FIBA Marketing Department and we make sure that the FIBA brand is properly promoted. That includes the promotion of our events in cooperation with the Local Organizing Committees, but also the brand management and the correct application of our identity.

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