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  FIBA Administration department


FIBA Administration department
Route Suisse 5
1295 Mies - Switzerland
Tel: +41 (0)22 545 00 00
Fax: +41 (0)22 545 00 99


The Administration Department is responsible for the smooth running of all operational and logistical aspects of its offices in Geneva, Switzerland. The office provides the support to FIBA President, Yvan Mainini, and FIBA Secretary General, Patrick Baumann, and FIBA Chief Operating Officer, Markus Studer, in implementing all decisions made by the FIBA Central Board. In particular, it is charged with the following duties and activities.

  • Generic Secretarial services for the FIBA management
  • Travel and hotel arrangements for business trips of FIBA staff and all members of the FIBA family
  • Organisation of conferences, World Congresses and meetings of all FIBA bodies at the FIBA headquarters and abroad
  • Organisation of social events during events, Olympic Games, FIBA World Championships and meetings
  • Translation services including the management of translation, editing, advice and proofreading internally for FIBA’s official languages plus organisation of interpreters
  • Online and booklet period publication of the Internal Regulations and General Statutes of FIBA
  • Office management of its head offices in Geneva including the management of office equipment and office supplies
  • Archive and historic records management
  • Logistical support such as incoming services for FIBA family members and FIBA guests at FIBA events
  • Reception services including the welcoming of all guests of the FIBA office, management of the telephone central, as well as the handling of all ingoing and outgoing postage

For the building construction and renovation projects of FIBA’s new offices as well as for their subsequent management, FIBA has created the International Basketball Foundation (IBF). The IBF will also look after the relationships with the local and cantonal authorities and with all regional partners.

For members and contact details of the staff of the FIBA Administration department please go here.