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  FIBA Media & Marketing Services


FIBA Media & Marketing Services
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1295 Mies - Switzerland
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Think Basketball!

The invention of basketball was not an accident. It was developed to meet a need. Those boys simply would not play "Drop the Handkerchief." ~James Naismith, invented basketball in 1891

Whether you played some hoops in the school yard with your friends when growing up, trying to shoot some baskets at the annual fair or playing basketball in school, almost everyone in the world has come in contact with basketball in one way or another.

Today basketball is not only played by boys and not only by students or serious athletes as intended by the game's inventor James Naismith but by both genders, all ages, all ethnic backgrounds and all skill levels. No surprise then that basketball is the world's second most popular team sport, with 450 million players worldwide and fans in the USA and China rating it as their favourite sport.

Basketball enjoys a very positive, clean and exciting image with admired icons in many countries of the world such who suit up for their national teams while playing in FIBA competitions around the globe and take pride in representing their countries.

" If I had to choose between playing in the NBA and playing for my country, I would choose China "
Yao Ming

The FIBA World Championship is the flagship event of FIBA, last held in the summer of 2010 in Turkey for men and in the Czech Republic for the women, drawing an estimated global TV audience of 1 billion for the men's event and 80 million for the women's event.

In 2014 the next FIBA world Championships will be will be held in the European basketball powerhouse Spain for the men (now named FIBA Basketball World Cup) and again in basketball-fanatic Turkey for the women.

From our headquarter in Mies, Switzerland, the FIBA Media & Marketing Services team manages the TV rights and operations , sponsorship sales, sponsors rights delivery, Hospitality Sales and Operations and Licensing & Retail rights for all major World Championships men and women for senior and youth (U17 and U19) as well as the Continental Championships men and women on a senior level.

The changing landscape of the media and marketing markets in sports means that content and marketing increasingly overlap and therefore the Commercial Team works closely together to respond to these opportunities and challenges.

FIBA Media & Marketing Services has the following units under its umbrella:

  • Sponsorship Sales
  • TV Rights Sales & Operations
  • Marketing Services & Licensing
  • Events

The mission of the Department is to provide a consistently high standard for our Championships in the areas mentioned and to generate the funds necessary to develop the game further worldwide.

Included in the overall key responsibilities of the Department are the sales of TV and sponsorship rights as well as the planning, organisation and the delivery of such rights at the different FIBA and FIBA Zones' (continental sub-zones FIBA Africa, FIBA Americas, FIBA Asia, FIBA Europe and FIBA Oceania) events. This strategy is in line with the decision made by the FIBA Central Board (FIBA's highest decision-making authority) in 2001 which leaves FIBA to centrally exploit the rights also on behalf of the FIBA Zones in order to maximise sales efforts, promotion and the execution of these rights.

The partnerships with worldwide TV broadcasters are important pillar of the work of the Commercial Department. As FIBA manages the sale and delivery of all rights internally, TV rights are an important asset in our portfolio. FIBA sells the TV rights not only for the World Championships but also for all Continental Championships held in the different FIBA Zones such as EuroBasket or the FIBA Asia Championship for example.

The Events unit is responsible for the overall planning, organisation and promotion of the FIBA World Championships (senior and youth) taking the events to the next level by working closely with the respective Local Organising Committees and other local authorities and stakeholders. At the same time the Events unit is the internal liaison platform for all units from within FIBA towards the Local Organising Committees.

The Marketing Services & Licensing Unit is responsible for the account management of the FIBA Global Partners and Sponsors, FIBA and FIBA Zones Senior Championships branding development, corporate hospitality conceptual development, sales and operations and the Licensing & Retail Programmes of FIBA championships.

Last but not least, the FIBA Media & Marketing Services Team consists of 12 members of staff, all coming from diverse sports marketing backgrounds with broad experience in event organisation, TV sales and operations, sponsorship sales, marketing services & operations and licensing and retail. Three former professional players are part of the group sharing their enthusiasm and passion for the sport. In the end, there is nothing better than a winning team effort to go to new heights.