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  FIBA Sport & Eligibility department


FIBA Sport & Eligibility department
Route Suisse 5
1295 Mies - Switzerland
Tel: +41 (0)22 545 00 00
Fax: +41 (0)22 545 00 99

Basketball has become the world’s second most popular team sport with an estimated number of 450 million people playing the game throughout the whole planet. In addition, basketball features fans in arguably every single country and corner of the globe.

The FIBA Sport Department looks after the sport today and develops it for tomorrow. Its missions include to manage basketball through the participation at competitions; to formulate, implement and amend the official rules of the game; to allot and control the conduct and administration of all FIBA international competitions at both the national team and club levels; to ensure, through its eligibility rules, that basketball is carried on in a manner which allows the sport to be competitive and fair throughout the world.

The FIBA Sport & Eligibility department has the following main responsibilities:

1. Management of all FIBA world competitions for national teams:

  • Drafting the systems of competition and draws, including those for the Olympic Games.
  • Preparation, administration, production and dispatch of documents (registration forms, circular letters, regulations, etc.).
  • Preparation and maintenance of the FIBA calendar, which includes competitions, meetings and clinics for referees and commissioners.
  • Visits and inspections of the competition venues.
  • Conducting draws.
  • Nomination of FIBA referees, commissioners and referee supervisors.
  • Up-dating the FIBA players/officials/competitions database.

2. Management of all FIBA world competitions for club teams

3. Assistance to the 213 member National Federations, clubs, players (as well as their lawyers and/or agents) and all others concerned in the interpretation of the respective FIBA Internal Regulations:

  • Responsible for the control of the eligibility of the players participating in the main official competitions of FIBA.
  • Assisting the 5 FIBA Zones in the eligibility matters related to the Zones' main official competitions, defining the national status of the players.

4. Advice and coordination with the Zones and affiliated National Federations as with regards to championships and officiating:

  • Assistance in all technical and sports matters.
  • Assistance in Zone competitions.
  • Assistance in all officiating matters.

5. Responsible for the Official Basketball Rules and their interpretation.

6. Responsible for 'FIBA 33 Basketball'.

7. Responsible for the training, examination and qualification of all FIBA international referees, supervisors, commissioners and national and international instructors, as well as for preparing them for the main FIBA international competitions.

8. Coordinating the following FIBA Commissions: Commission for International Competitions, Technical Commission, Commission for Women's Basketball and Commonwealth Basketball Commission.

9. Closely cooperating with the organizers of those multi-sport events where basketball is part of the programme (All-Africa Games, Pan American Games, Asian Games, Francophone Games, Lusophony Games, Mediterranean Games, Deaf Zone/World Championships, etc.).

10. Production of FIBA educational materials for referees and commissioners (CDs, DVDs, printed materials, etc.).

11. Contributions to the 'FIBA Assist Magazine'.

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