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FIBA Information Technology department
Route Suisse 5
1295 Mies - Switzerland
Tel: +41 (0)22 545 00 00
Fax: +41 (0)22 545 00 99


Technology for the Basketball Community

FIBAs Information Technology (IT) department serves the international basketball community on all levels. The department is based in the headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and is headed by Wolfram Klug.

IT for FIBA means interconnecting 213 different territories, 9 time zones, a database which contains clubs, players, competitions, officials, managing all the inner workings of the various departments in the main direction of the sport of basketball development.

It is being at the utmost best of the information age technological advances, allowing the managing, the ruling, communicating, developing, selling and marketing, educating, and preserving the vast FIBA Community under one network.

The near future will bring an integration of global basketball data through the FIBA Organizer. This project will link basketball data sources from grassroots to professional level worldwide into one single and central database.


  • FIBA Organizer
    The FIBA Organizer project was initiated to complement FIBA New Applications by extending this system and creating a direct link to the players at grassroots and professional levels, through their National Federations Regional Entities to FIBA.
  • Event Data System
    As previous LOCs could not rely on the experience of previous organizers and events, most of them used to develop their own IT solution starting from scratch. FIBA has decided to use a unified and standardised data system for all its future events.
  • FIBA New Application
    In 1998 FIBA`s IT Department started with the development of a database which shall serve as a repository of official data for FIBA and the 5 FIBA Zones. The aim was to offer a tool which enables us to collect and share information in the FIBA Family. It is now a core system at FIBA, FIBA Europe, FIBA Africa and FIBA Americas and has recently been implemented at FIBA Oceania and FIBA Asia.

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