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Exclusive Product Category: Wooden floorings, synthetic floorings, electronic scoreboards, basketball backstop units, seating systems

MONDO has been a FIBA Global Partner since 1999. However, MONDO's involvement with FIBA dates back to 1994 when it first became a Technical Partner of the FIBA Study Centre, FIBA's technical arm for development and approval of basketball equipment. Since then, MONDO has entered insix of nine different basketball equipment categories of the FIBA Study Centre: Synthetic Floorings Category (since 1994), Backstop Units (since 1997), Wooden Floorings (since 2000), Electronic Scoreboards (since 2001), Seating Systems (since 2003) and Video Systems (since 2009).

MONDO's long term involvement in basketball not only reflects in the long-standing partnership with FIBA and FIBA's elite competitions, but also in the fact that it has been the Official Supplier of Olympic basketball courts since the 2004 Athens Games and will continue to do so in 2012 in London. MONDO has also been the Official Supplier of the Olympic athletic track since the 1976 Montreal Olympics including the track at the 2008 Beijing Games where five world records were set, including Usain Bolt's incredible records in the 100m and 200m dash.

Basketball being one of the world's most popular and widely played and viewed sport, MONDO has always looked at it as the best channel to reach consumers and clients not only for its evident commercial potential, but also for the principles and concepts that are at the base of the sport. Played by boys and girls of all ages, in schools and streets of any country around the world, it requires just a hoop and a ball. At the same time it brings together people from different cultures and nationalities to play by the same rules. Basketball and its organisation undertake the values of fair play and respect which are values shared by MONDO.

Created in 1948 by Italian Edmondo Stroppiana, MONDO started out by producing balls for a game called fist-ball, but over time the company has grown into a worldwide leader in sports flooring products while remaining a family-owned business during its 63-year existence. Today MONDO is selling its products in 196 countries worldwide. The company's global headquarters are in Gallo d'Alba, Italy, birth place of the company but the manufacturing facilities are spread out in Europe, Asia and North America. While one of MONDO's strengths has always been Research and Development helping it to produce top-class products to the highest standards in terms of quality, enabling elite athletic performance, requiring only minimum care and being environmentally safe, MONDO has come to install more than 1,100 tracks and 800 artificial turf fields worldwide.

As well as producing world class sport flooring, seating systems, sports equipment, MONDO also supplies a wide variety of commercial flooring and is a large producer of outdoor toys and the world's largest producer of toy balls with an average daily production of 450,000 units. Since 1978 it also designs and builds large customised luxury yachts mainly in steel and alloy under its Mondo Marine division.

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