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Ira Brown
FIBA 3x3 World Championships
USA - Colangelo gives thumbs-up to 3x3

COLORADO SPRINGS (3x3) - The last time most basketball fans caught a glimpse of USA Basketball supremo Jerry Colangelo was this past summer at the London Games.

Whether it was those lucky enough to have a seat in the North Greenwich Arena on the 12th of August where the United States beat Spain in the Gold Medal Game, 107-100, or the millions who tuned in to watch on television, Colangelo and everyone else with the American team had the biggest of smiles as the Stars and Stripes was raised to the rafters during the medal ceremony.

There are only positive vibes that come from winning Olympic titles.

Colangelo, who has been in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame for more than eight years, was re-elected on 13 November as Chairman of USA Basketball’s Board of Directors for the 2013-16 term.

It bodes well for FIBA's 3x3, therefore, that Colangelo is a supporter of the discipline.

"I'm somewhat of a basketball junkie," Colangelo said in an interview published on the USA Basketball website.

"I love the game as I have said over and over again. I have a passion for the game whether it's 1on1, 2on2, 3x3, 5on5.

"I do believe basketball is the ultimate team game, that happens to be 5on5. But 3x3 offers an opportunity to expand the game, to give more individuals an opportunity to participate."

Some countries may not have the depth of talent, or tradition, that other basketball nations possess in the 5on5 game.

3x3 allows some of the less heralded basketball countries to jump into the limelight.

The hope is that FIBA 3x3 will become an Olympic sport.

"There are some in intriguing aspects to a three on three game that really levels the playing field competitively around the globe," Colangelo said.

"So you will see teams coming from, I won't say obscure countries, but countries that normally would not have a great basketball tradition who have a much better chance to be successful in a three on three competition than they would in a five on five competition.

"So that's good; that's healthy. If we can add another basketball competition to the Olympics and therefore have yet another opportunity to win another gold medal in basketball, I think that's good for everyone."


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