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Rules of the game

FIBA’s rules of 3x3 basketball were designed to be simple, flexible and above all provide maximum enjoyment to those playing it.

Jointly developed with the 3x3 community, the rules of 3x3 basketball for the first time provide a harmonised version of the game played according to the informal traditions and the many different formats of street basketball played worldwide.

The game is played on a basketball half-court between two teams of three players. Baskets scored from inside the arc (including free-throws) are worth one point, while those scored from beyond are worth two.

Pick-up games can be played as a race to three, seven, nine, 15 or 21 points.

In official games and events, games last 10 minutes, or until the first team reaches 21 points, and once a team gains possession of the ball it has 12 seconds to attempt a shot. The clock is stopped for all dead-ball situations and restarts as soon as it is in the offensive team’s hands. In case scores are equal after regular time, overtime will be played until the first team scores two points.

They are suited for elite international competition, but can be easily adapted to games played with little or no equipment other than a basketball and a hoop.


  • 3x3 official rules of the game (Text version) (Download in EN | AR | CN | ES | FR | KR | PT | New multilingual versions coming soon)
  • 3x3 official rules of the game (Table version) (Download in EN | AR | CN | ES | FR | New multilingual versions coming soon)

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