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FIBA Hoops Coach

"I started playing basketball at the age of 10," said Aleksandar 'Sasha' Djordjevic.
"The game has taught me that you have to follow your dreams, strive to make them happen, honestly and whole heartedly. I am happy, that together with some friends and 25 years later, I can give back to youngsters with the FIBA Hoops Coach."
FIBA Hoops Coach

FIBA Hoops Coach is an instructional website/CD Rom for young players. Top stars such as Predrag Stojakovic, Mehmet Okur, Aleksandar Djordjevic, Alberto Herreros and Dino Radja are ambassadors of the project.

The CD Rom illustrates the basketball fundamentals but it also includes sections related to theory and game execution, physiology, nutrition as well as no doping messages.

The principal attraction of the "Hoops Coach" is that five well known international basketball stars for each of the five playing positions demonstrate the required skills for their respective positions.

There are six main sections with over 25 different skills, 40 video clips of offensive fundamentals, 50 minutes of video instructions and 95 minutes of video material.

There is also a Question & Answer section that covers common questions with video answers from the players as well as a Fun section which features screensavers, desktop images and fun shots.