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Love of country keeps Davis in Taipei

50 Quincy Spencer Davis Iii (TPE)
50 Quincy Spencer Davis Iii (TPE) - Chinese Taipei v China, 2016 FIBA Asia Challenge (IRI), Tehran(Islamic Republic of Iran), Classification (5-8), 17 September 2016

TAIPEI (FIBA Asia Cup 2017) - Naturalized player Quincy Davis announced that he will continue his commitment to the Chinese Taipei national team for at least one more year, which means the 2.08m veteran center will play for the East Asian side in their various competitions this year, including the William Jones Cup 2017, the FIBA Asia Cup 2017, and the qualifiers for the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019.

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With this development, Quincy is now in his fourth consecutive year playing for Chinese Taipei, and pending performance this year, he is also expected to reinforce them up until the Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In 2013, Davis made history as the country's first naturalized national basketball team player, and he immediately made his presence felt, helping lead the squad to a top four finish in the FIBA Asia Championship that year. He was also a vital cog as Taipei bagged the gold medal in the East Asia Games 2013 that was held in Tianjin, China.

This development maintains Chinese Taipei's status as a favorite for a Division A spot in the New Competition System for FIBA Asia. Davis gives the team a solid center who can bang bodies and be productive even against top tier big men like Hamed Haddadi, Yi Jianlian or the Takeuchi twins. With Davis around, Taipei can afford to maximize their other strengths, most notably their outside shooting and playmaking.

When asked about his readiness to play for the national squad, Davis was all smiles.

"I just really love the Chinese Taipei team." - Quincy Davis

The Chinese Taipei Basketball Association (CTBA) was originally entertaining the thought of having a new, younger naturalized player, but the fact that Davis has been so dedicated and familiar with Chinese Taipei's system and culture made it an easy choice to renew the California-born center.

Davis was a tower of power in 2016, averaging double-doubles in both the FIBA Asia Challenge and FIBA Asia Champions Cup (playing for Pauian). He should reprise that role this year for a Chinese Taipei team that is slowly easing out the old guard in favor of fresher, younger talent.