Welcome to the FIBA Media Centre.

This Media Centre provides easy and quick access to information and resources on FIBA events and activities essential to the work of members of the media. Whether you are a print journalist, a broadcaster, a photographer, a blogger or a publisher of news on the web, you will find what you are looking for here.

Through the accreditation portal, professional media representatives can request accreditations for upcoming FIBA events (5on5 and 3x3) and access media-related information on FIBA competitions.

All downloadable FIBA material for media, including FIBA official documents, photos and graphics, as well as videos – will be made available from this section.

Press Releases
  • See all FIBA press releases here

  • Photos : FIBA grants access to a number of photos from FIBA Championships as well as pictures of FIBA Officials and various other relevant image resources for media on fiba.com.

    These images are high resolution and downloadable (by right click and save) directly from the website. They are made available for editorial use only. Please credit all photographs “fiba.com”.


    FIBA’s official Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/fiba) is regularly updated with videos of the best on-court action from FIBA and FIBA Zones competitions. All the videos can be used via the embed option and integrated on other web pages.

    LiveBasketball.tv is the online platform that makes available the best of live international basketball, whether at national team or club level, as well as clips and archive services to those that wish to relive the great moments of the game.

    FIBA Archive: results and statistics of all past FIBA events are available in the FIBA Archive, which allows searching for player profiles, key figures of the events as well as national teams record history.

    FIBA History: provides quick facts about the history of FIBA and its events as well as a history module.

    Documents: provides all of the key official FIBA documents such as Statutes, Internal Regulations, Official Basketball Rules as well as many other key documents, like the 2013 International Basketball Migration Report.

    Legal resources: the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT) resolves, upon request, disputes arising between players, agents and clubs. BAT decisions - or awards as they are known - are published, as well as the decisions by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS/TAS) related to FIBA.

    Anti-Doping and Clean Game: Information about FIBA's fight against doping - the Clean Game campaign - and further resources on Anti-Doping are available in the medical corner, like the decisions related to doping cases.

    FIBA Identity and style guides: the FIBA Online Style guide aims to provide an introductory overview of the key elements within the FIBA brand. An online library of logos, graphic and print material is available on identity.fiba.com . Please note that FIBA fonts are part of our Intellectual Property and should be used for official matters only. Consequently, downloads are access-restricted: passwords can be obtained by sending a request to communications@fiba.com.

  • Both local and international media representatives wishing to attend a FIBA event must apply directly to FIBA by using the online accreditation system.

    The online accreditation system allows media professionals around the world to request a media accreditation which will grant them access to the competitions and offer them complementary media services on-site.

    We remind you that only professional members of the media will be considered for accreditation.

    Please note that submitting an online form is an application only and thereby does not guarantee the granting of accreditation.

    Applicants will be informed of the success of their accreditation requests by the date specified for each event in the Media Centre. Please note that every accreditation application for a FIBA event is specific to one Championship.

    Two accreditation periods are planned for certain Championships. For these Championships, all things equal, priority will be given to media having applied during the first phase (regular application period). Media choosing to apply during the second window may be more vulnerable to space limitations.

    Only applications completed and submitted online within the deadlines will be taken into consideration.

    The final decision to grant accreditation rests with FIBA.

    All TV broadcasters interested in acquiring TV rights should contact tv@fiba.com.

    Should you wish to apply for accreditation to the draw for a FIBA event, please visit the official websites of the event or contact accreditation@fiba.com.

    Should you wish to apply for accreditation to the any continental championships please visit the official websites of FIBA's zones.


    Upcoming FIBA events & accreditation periods

    Events open for accreditation in 2014

    EVENT Event dates Location Regular application period Latest answer Second application period Latest answer Accred. form Pass-
    FIBA Basketball World Cup 30 Aug - 14 Sept Spain 10 Feb - 30 May 13 June 14 July - 8 Aug 22 Aug  Click here: 
    FIBA World Championship for Women 27 Sept - 5 Oct Turkey

    24 March - 11 July

    25 July 29 Aug - 8 Sept 19 Sept  Click here:
    FIBA U17 World Championship for Women 28 June - 6 July Czech Republic 19 May - 16 June 23 June     Go to FIBA Media Portal (click here) CLOSED  
    FIBA U17 World Championship 8- 16 Aug Dubai, UAE 30 June - 25 July 31 July     Go to FIBA Media Portal (click here) CLOSED  
    FIBA 3x3 World Tour 19 July - 12 Oct  Philippines, China, USA, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Brazil, Japan  12 June - 12 July  Until 3 days before each event     Contact 3x3accreditations@fiba.com  
    FIBA 3x3 World Championships 5 - 8 June Russia  31 April - 31 May  2 June     Contact 3x3accreditations@fiba.com  
    FIBA 3x3 All Stars 11 Dec Qatar  5 Nov - 5 Dec  9 Dec     Contact 3x3accreditations@fiba.com  


    Information regarding accreditation to the FIBA 3x3 World Championships and to the FIBA 3x3 World Tour can be found at russia2014.fiba.com and 3x3worldtour.com respectively. Please note that FIBA is NOT responsible for accreditation for the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China. For more information go to www.nanjing2014.org/en.

    All TV/Radio and websites broadcasters interested in acquiring TV rights for a 3x3 event should contact IMG at Enric.Rojas@img.com or alex.arroyo@img.com.

    For more media related information on any event please visit FIBA Media Centre by clicking here or the event official website by clicking on the event names on the table.

    For further information, please contact: accreditation@fiba.com.

  • For media related questions contact:

    FIBA Communications Department
    Route Suisse, 5
    P.O. Box 29
    1295 Mies

    Tel: (+41-22) 545 00 00
    Fax: (+41-22) 545 00 99
    E-mail:  communications@fiba.com


    FIBA Zones contacts

    FIBA Americas: info@fibaamericas.com

    FIBA Asia: info@fibaasia.net

    FIBA Africa: communication@fibaafrica.com

    FIBA Europe: media@fibaeuropre.com

    FIBA Oceania: info@fibaoceania.com